Time and Attendance Systems

Addtime Recording supplies a wide range of time and attendance systems to organisations from all types of industries to help record hours worked and monitor the time management of your staff. Here you will find time and attendance systems which incorporate biometric technology, using handscanner and Face ID. We also supply our Platinum Plus system which has been specifically written for the UK market.

Whether you run a small business or a large multinational organisation, we have a time recording system to suit your requirements.

Time Recording Systems

All of our time recording systems have the ability to save your organisation money by allowing you to accurately monitor and manage the hours your employees are working and increase productivity as a result. Each system uses state-of-the-art hardware and intuitive, easy to use software. Many allow you to export data into a computer, where you're able to track when employees clock in and out.

Attendance Software

The software that is used by our time and attendance systems is user-friendly, making it simple for employees to clock in and out. They also allow employers to download and analyse data to identify areas for improvement. If there are patterns emerging, such as 'buddy punching', you'd be able to act quickly and increase the productivity of your organisation.

  • Addtime: Time and Attendance system

    Office Terminal

    Simply define each of your daily/weekly work patterns and the easy-to-use software will calculate the most complex of overtime rules. Replacing laborious and manual pen-and-paper calculations, with an automated 'total-hours worked' solution to improve efficiency and reducing human error. Implementing an Addtime system will save you time and money.

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  • Addtime: Hand scanner

    Ingersoll Rand Hand Punch

    Hand scanners use biometric clocking in systems to positively identify each employee by scanning the unique size and shape of their hand. This means no more false clockings or paying employs for hours that they are not working.

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  • Addtime's Premier V Small to Medium Time & Attendance system


    Building on the principles defined in the Addtime "Express" and "Premium" products Premier builds on the common Time and Attendance practices recognised in industry today.

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  • T8-6040 Touch Screen

    Addtime Touchscreen

    This time recording terminal works with Platinum+ attendance software and has unlimited employee capacity.

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  • Addtime's Battery Operated Time & Attendance System

    Battery / Portable Time Clock

    Our trusted Time Attendance System offers a simple, yet elegant, solution for attendance & payroll management. If you are looking for an easy and effective way to handle your employee attendance and timesheets you have come to the right place.

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  • Addtime: TimeVision Proximity/Fingerprint

    Proximity Terminal

    TimeVision is an uncompromising yet cost effective solution to time management. The easily installed clocking terminal and instantly useable software interface ensure that the system can be painlessly introduced to your office environment. Ideal for small sized companies with a workforce of 25-50 employee's or less.

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  • Face ID

    Face ID

    Face ID is the industry's first embedded facial recognition system with leading Dual Sensor- Facial Recognition Algorithm, which has been designed for application like physical access control and time attendance, identity management and so on.

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  • Addtime's Portable/Battery Opperated Time & Attendance Time Recording System.


    The Time Tracking Software for recording working hours - in the company or for your projects CHIPDRIVE® Time Recording is an incredibly reasonable priced solution for small and medium-sized companies to record the working hours, time clocking and project time recording of all employees.

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  • DIRECT Time Express

    Prox Express

    This is a complete in a box time & attendance solution that is suitable for small to medium size companies. You'll have the choice of using either a proximity reader and fobs or fingerprint recognition.

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  • Addtime: Express

    Proxy Terminal

    Addtime Express brings efficient time recording to companies with up to 50 employees, with the emphasis on ease of use, quality and value for money. By integrating and automating many vital features, Addtime Express saves you time and allows you to focus on the efficiency and availability of your employees.

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  • Addtime: Intagral


    The Addtime Intagral is the most versatile portable time attendance swipe system available.

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