Clocking In Machines

Addtime Recording is a leading supplier of time recording solutions for all types of business and industry.

Our time recording solutions - from traditional time clocks (which use clock cards) to the more sophisticated time & attendance systems (which are P.C. Linked) - have all been fully tried and tested in the UK Market.

Our range of state-of-the-art products includes:

  • Addtime's Platinum Plus
  • Express
  • Ontime-Pro
  • Ingersoll Rand Hand scanner
  • Needtek, Max
  • Seiko, Amano
  • KT Diamond
  • ...and many more

Time & Attendance Systems

Time & attendance systems are a simple and useful way of recording the hours worked by employees, as well providing a 'who is and who isn’t' on-site fire roll call system.

There is a wide range of different ways for tracking workers, from clock cards and swipe card badges/fobs to our biometric hand scanner readers and our new Face ID facial recognition readers. These advanced clocking in machines can identify a person by scanning the unique size and shape of their hand or face, providing a 100% effective clocking solution and completely eliminating the 'buddy punching' problem of colleagues clocking in for one another.

Time Management Software

All of our time & attendance management systems use cutting edge software to ensure your organisation can monitor and analyse useful data regarding staff working hours. This could be valuable in helping you to increase productivity and reduce unnecessary costs.

We assist our clients in finding the right product for their requirements and pride ourselves on providing continued support to all of our customers beyond their initial purchase. We provide full software and hardware provision as well as a repairs and maintenance service. This means that you have continued satisfaction with your products.

We provide a professional and extensive service to satisfy all your needs. We want to be the only company that you will need when it comes to buying and maintaining your Time Recording Solution.

Other services and systems offered by Addtime Recording include:

  • Security patrol equipment, ranging from our Tourguard system to our Benzing Cogard system.
  • Printing services for customers to have I.D. and swipe card badges that can be printed with a photo or company logo.
  • Accessories for clocking in machines, ranging from clock cards to card/badge rack holders to bells and sirens.

Our professional and extensive service is provided to satisfy all your needs. We're the only company you'll need when it comes to buying and maintaining your time recording solution.

To discuss your time management requirements, make an enquiry or call 01942 272061.